CapSure® the paper lid

As people become increasingly aware of the risks associated with non-renewable plastics, and more and more countries are beginning to enact laws banning plastic packaging, a solution is needed. CapSure® is that solution. The patented paper lid CapSure® can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes.

CapSure®– the environmentally friendly solution.


  • CupSure - Davon profitieren Sie...

  • Perfect fit of CartoCan Conic and CapSure®
  • Conic and CapSure®
  • Wide range of designs and sizes
  • Good mouthfeel when drinking
  • High-quality printing possible
  • Great look and feel
  • Paper instead of plastic
  • Complete recyclability

  • Mit entscheidende Umweltvorteile

CapSure® the environmentally friendly reclosing system for cups

Suitable for:

  • Drinking cups
  • Cups for spoonable products like yoghurt
  • Icecream cups

Unbeatable sustainability without compromising on comfort


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